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September 17, 2023

3 Testimonies

Candice, Stephanie and Mindy gave their testimonies of how Jesus rescued their lives through the ministry of Nicole’s House.

Recorded at Twin Springs Church of the Nazarine in Powell, MO. 


Annie’s Story

Nicole’s House saved my life. I was abandoned as a child and I married young to an abusive man. I was able to get away from him. I remarried, had a son, and my husband died from cancer before my child turned one. It was just my son and I. I finished college and taught school. I then remarried and had two more children. My husband was abusive, and I turned to drugs as a way to escape. When I lost custody of my younger son and daughter, I worked for DHS for six years but eventually lost my DHS job due to my abuse. I have been in and out of prison and have eight felonies. I was living with my sister when I learned about Nicole’s House. I was still using. I thought, “I need that.” I came to Nicole’s House in May of 2018, and I graduated this past May. I now work for a drug and alcohol treatment center. I am able to give back and help others in addiction. I will be forever grateful to Nicole’s House and the amazing volunteers who loved me when I was certainly unlovable. They never wavered.

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Lindsey Yates

10-23-83 to 8-21-21

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